Your Karaoke Machine at Home

Setting up a karaoke system at home is both fun and challenging. The market gives you a great variety of prices and machines and you can get from low-priced all-in-one machines to more sophisticated professional models.

You should go and try to find the options that fit the most your needs and likes, space and…budget.

The basics on karaoke machines

When you try to choose a karaoke machine for your home, you need to know a bit on them, their various formats and graphics. Karaoke CDs have been the most common option for quite some time, but new formats appear as technology develops daily.

CD+G is nowadays the most popular format on the karaoke songs. These discs contain typically nine songs and also some additional information layer with song graphics that play as video content. Stay away from discs claiming to contain thousands of songs. It’s very likely they only contain MIDI music. Keep also in mind that most disc players are not MIDI-compatible.

You need special players that can read the graphic layers for the Cd+G discs.

Another common choice is the Karaoke DVDs that are compatible with all DVD players and multi-format karaoke players. This type of Karaoke is comfortable if you already have a DVD player. You have to complete the karaoke system and get additional equipment, like microphone and speakers.

Winning more popularity every day, the MP3+G files are also an option to consider. MP3+Gs are in face CD+G tracks transformed into a compressed form, with the help of special software. You can easily find this type of Karaoke and you can also store it on a hard drive for easier accesses.  You can play the MP3+G files can be played by a karaoke machine with a hard drive or using a laptop computer.

And, if none of these options fit your likes, you can always use a Karaoke cloud, which is an online library of karaoke songs. You pay a monthly or annual fee so you can get access by your smartphone, laptop or other devices with internet connection.

The Karaoke System setup at home

Once you decided which type of Karaoke format you want for home, you need to take a look at your home audio components.

You can go for All-in-one karaoke systems as it’s the easiest way to get a full home karaoke setup. They include all important components, like player, mixer, amplifier, cables. Even so, these systems vary and some come with display screen, speakers or microphone, whereas some need a connection to your television for external speakers.

When you’re short on space, you can use the magic microphones. They consist a main station that connects to your laptop or high-definition television for display and some wireless microphones. They may come with a library of songs and also a USB port to upload more files or to save your favorite recordings.

All-in-one players are highly portable and easy to use and not that pricey as you’d think. The sound performance isn’t the best, though. Not like in the case of professional home systems, anyway.

The professional style karaoke system comes with separate components: mixer-amplifier, player, microphones and speakers. The graphics are displayed with the help of laptop or television. You can decide the quality of each component so this is why it gives a professional level to the home karaoke system.

How to decide

The moment you decide which type of system you want for your Karaoke at home, you need to go slowly, step by step and choose the quality of each component.

Read the instruction on the components, check the compatibility and the quality of the components by going through the reviews.

As much as challenging it might seem at some point, see the final line: a fun way to spend your free time with friends and family, on a rainy day or a cold Christmas.